Presentations about Snowmobiling

Before driving the snowmobiles ourselves, the students expired their knowledge about the vehicles. Those are the results:

Team 1 _ Snowmobile: History, different types of usage, engines

Team 2 – electric snowmobiles: Different manufacturers, technics, energy consumption

Team 3 – snowmobileracing: Different sports with snowmobiles

Team 4 – snowmobile in traffic: Rules of snowmobiling, accidents and causes of them

Team 5 – Environmental load of snowmobile compared to a car: emissions of different engines, environmental load of a snowmobile compared to car

2020-02 Second students visit in Finland

After our visit in May 2019, we are back in Finland in winter this time.Even though there is not much snow for Finish conditions, it is at least a little bit colder than in Germany.

Our main task for this time is to explore ways of winter mobility, especially snowmobiling with petrol and electric engines. Our students are working in mixed groups of Finish and German students to prepare presentations about the theoretical basics of snowmobiling.