Visit at the University of Oulu

Today we visited the University of Oulu and had an interesting discussion about future developments in car technology. At the University of Oulu there are two main topics: automated and autonomous cars and software engineering.

In Oulu they have their own test area for autonomous driving, the Oulu Zone+ where they have eigt tracks for testing in various conditions, especially in winter conditions as snow and ice, where there is low contrast. There is a cooperation between the University and many partners e.g. Volvo.

Their other main task is an open source project for automotive software. Open source, because it is:

  1. Possible to get into the software
  2. It is allowed to publish it
  3. You can use it in education
  4. this is the future

The software platform they are developping is called appstacle and they have many cooperation partners as Bosch and the Frauenhofer Institut.

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